Bollard in galvanised in-ground l Sleeve
sleeve heading
Woody holding a square in-ground galvanised Bollard Sleeve

Bollard sleeves come in below ground and collapsible bollards in above ground only.

In-ground sleeves

In-ground sleeves are concreted 400mm into the ground. The removable sleeve has a concrete strip around the top to allow for a neat flush finish. Collapsible bolt down sleeves bolt flush to the surface.

Galvanised collapsible bolt down Bollard sleeve
Screw in Tag for locking Bollard to Galvanised inground sleeve

Bollards are locked in place by use of the locking tag. The tag is screwed into the bollard once the sleeve has been installed and the correct height has been determined. Once the tag is in place, the lid will close over the tag allowing a padlock to be fitted. Collapsible sleeves have tags already fitted and when upright, the tags will line up and allow you to fit a padlock . 

Collapsible Bollards

We stock the in-ground bollard sleeves to suit removable bollards in 125mm & 150mm square and the Collapsible bollards in 190 x 90 & 140 x 90mm BOLT DOWN ONLY.

Above ground Collapsible
Bollard Sleeve

In-ground Removable Square
Bollard Sleeve

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