Woody & his crossing posts he has just installed
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School Crossing Posts are installed in sets of four. Two at 2400mm long (installed 1800mm out of the ground) and two at 1800mm long. (installed 1200mm out of the ground)

For your convenience, we sell the crossing posts individually. This we find suits you the customer better when just repairing one or two broken or vandalized posts.

We can manufacture the School Crossing Posts in both plain and painted, to best suit your budget.

All crossing posts come with 4mm x 4mm grooves cut around the posts at each colour change for easy no mess touch ups.

Large and small  school crossing posts
4mm saw cut for colour change
35mm flag hole with pencil rounded edges

All Crossing Posts have 6mm radius edges.

There are two 35mm holes drilled at 600mm centres on the larger 2400mm post for the warning flags and the edge of the holes have a 6mm radius.

Recommended Crossing post installation

Crossing Post Installation

Posts are to be installed 600mm into the ground, leaving 1800mm out of the ground on the large posts
and 1200mm for the small.


Large 2.4 Crossing Post:                     115 x 115 x 2400mm Dressed Cypress Pine with a pyramid top, 6mm radius edges, 2/ 35mm holes and 5/ 4mm cuts at 300mm centres.

Small 1.8 Crossing Post:                  115 x 115 x 1800mm Dressed Cypress Pine with a pyramid top, 6mm radius edges and 3/ 4mm cuts at 300mm centres.

Crossing Post Installation

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